Artist's Statement

Painting, for me is a way to convey emotion. I just love the paint. I love seeing the paint as it comes out of the tube onto the palette. I love mixing one color with another; I love adding oil to the paint, scooping up the mixture; and covering the canvas with it. I love choosing another color and layering it over the first and observing what happens- does the first color show through, are the colors mixing; how much paint remains when I scrape the second color off? I love seeing what a color looks like depending on what color (s) it’s next to or near in the painting. Often I love doing this VERY FAST. It invigorates me and keeps me from thinking too early in the process.

I love making marks on the canvas- skinny, scraping marks with the tip of the palette knife or sensuous, thick, pigment-filled marks using my arm to go up, down or around a large canvas.

My mark-making is a way to convey emotion and its physicality is an important part of my process. I am energized by the sense of discovery and exploration of the paint itself - how colors meet and converse; how textures form over other marks; how wiping away and making new marks creates a new entity that is arrived at. I appreciate the visceral, emotional and monumental quality that embraces the accidental in my work. The result is a snapshot of an authentic moment always trying to get closer to a “truth” that is just beyond reach.